The Age Of Awesome

Osomocene Productions is a video production company that combines art and science to promote pro-environmental behaviors in positive ways. The word Osomocene literally means "the age of awesome", which we posit as the successor to the current era, the Anthropocene. Osomocene Productions is led by actor/director Ines Garcia and environmental researcher Seth Baum, and is an initiative of Blue Marble Space. More about Osomocene.


Read more about Osomocene Production's history, concept, and leadership.

Vegetarian Cookbook

Watch our first video, Vegetarian Cookbook, and meet our star puppy Lulu.

Small World

Read about our upcoming video, Small World, and eat donuts with Dirk and Carlos.


Small World
October 2013 Our second video, Small World, is now online. Its world premier was at the Columbia University Center for Research on Environmental Decisions.
Blog Post
April 2013 We published a guest post about Osomocene Productions on the Artists And Climate Change blog.
Panel Discussion
March 2013 We joined an art-science panel discussion at the NYU NoPassport theater conference with our friends at Positive Feedback. Video archive (skip to 4:40).