Vegetarian Cookbook

Vegetarian Cookbook is our first video. It's 45 seconds long, produced in the style of TV advertisements. It shows a young couple breaking up and moving out of the apartment they shared. They're deciding who gets what: their prized vegetarian cookbook and their adorable puppy Lulu. A high stakes decision! In the end, they each want the other to have Lulu. The closing line: "yeah... eating vegetarian is that good." Here's the video:

Our core goal for this video is to make vegetarianism more attractive. Eating vegetarian foods is an awesome way to help the environment. Vegan foods are even better! It's because raising animals for food causes lots of pollution, what the UN Food & Agriculture Organization call's livestock's long shadow. Compared to plant foods, livestock uses much more land, water, and energy. It puts more pollution in our air and our water. Plant foods are a much cleaner choice.

Vegetarian Cookbook illustrates a style of video at the heart of Osomocene Productions. While our motivation derives from highly technical environmental science, none of this information appears in the video itself. Cramming people with lots of facts is often a weak communication strategy, based on the discredited information deficit model. We also wanted to avoid the negative self-righteousness found in many environmental messages, telling people to not do this or that. Instead, Vegetarian Cookbook attaches simple, positive emotions to a helpful environmental behavior, without even mentioning the environment. We believe this communication strategy holds great potential.

Cast & Crew

Tonks played the starring role of Lulu. Tonks is (at time of filming) a 2-year-old Perrier (poodle+terrier). Tonks's favorite food is kale stems, closely followed by dirty paper towels freshly dragged out of the trash can. She enjoys curling up on the back of the sofa, and wedging herself in between the bathroom trash can and the wall for naps. Our thanks to Katherine Thompson, Tonks's talent manager.

Ines Garcia co-wrote Vegetarian Cookbook, directed the video, and played the role of Jenny. Ines is Co-Founder of Osomocene Productions. Her full bio is available here.

Daniel Ojeda played the role of Pedro. Daniel is an actor from Asuncion, Paraguay. He studied theater at the Raul Julia Training Unit and performs classic Spanish plays at Repertorio Espanol.

Alejandro Soto served as the Director.

Matthew Gonzalez served as the Director of Photography.

Seth Baum co-wrote Vegetarian Cookbook and is more proud of himself than he should be for also serving as audio assistant, holding the microphone during filming. Seth is Co-Founder of Osomocene Productions. His full bio is available here.


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